Living sustainably, now and always

Here at Fulfill, we think about how to be our best selves all the time and that includes learning how we can be good to the planet! We know that focusing on learning and being better for ourselves and the planet  on one day isn’t enough so we wanted to talk about celebrating “earth Day” everyday. So we are sharing some of our favorite tips we hope will inspire you to make Earth Day every day

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Do a waste audit

This is one of the best ways to start going “Zero Waste”. As a family, with your spouse, or by yourself, perform a “waste audit.” It’s basically a judgment-free way to see where you’re at in terms of the trash you produce. Plus it was a surprisingly easy way to get the kids to understand how much we all consume. Gather all your trash cans, recycling bins, and compost/food waste containers and take an inventory. What categories keep popping up? Is there any way to reduce that waste? We are going to be launching an easy waste audit activity to do with your family, stay tuned!

For example, if you notice that during allergy season you go through hundreds of single-use tissues, you may want to consider using cloth handkerchiefs. If you notice lots of plastic pasta packages, consider shopping at refill shops, or switching to recyclable cardboard boxes. Everyone is different, so this will be a unique experience.

Get your hands dirty

It’s the perfect time of year to do some gardening, if you haven’t already started. No backyard? No problem! Many municipalities offer community gardening options, but you can also make a lovely little container garden on your balcony, or even a few herb planters in your kitchen. Digging in the dirt makes us feel great, helps us reconnect with nature, and allows us to support and create local food systems. Check out a few of these great local places offering delivery and pickup. 

Eat for the planet 

Diet is a sensitive topic, as it intersects with so many other issues, such as geography, health, culture, and religion. Therefore, a planet-friendly diet will look different for everyone. However, in general, a way of eating that is less resource-intensive and kinder on the earth is one that involves fewer animal products, more local and seasonal foods, and a focus on organic and regenerative agricultural practices.

plant based eating

You don’t have to make the switch overnight: start by researching local farms that sell to consumers or by going meat-free once or twice a week. Try to get the family involved in meal planning, to make everyone an active and enthusiastic participant. Easy switches we have done with our families are moving to oat milk, meat alternatives like Beyond Meat for taco night and flax eggs in baking. 

Be an activist

Even from home, activism is possible! You can still call or email your politicians, contact companies to let them know your views, donate to environmental organizations, join digital climate strikes, organize online eco-themed hangouts/conversations, and spread the word via social media. Check out:

Make it fun! 

Changes that are fun, and involve the whole family, are more likely to be well received. Here are some ideas to try:

  • Do a nature scavenger hunt with your family
  • Try a plant-base dish from another culture
  • Watch a nature documentary for family movie night (like the ones suggested in our newsletter)—with some low-waste snacks like popcorn!
  • Make some Zero Waste DIYs together, like lip balm, bird-feeders, or play dough