Low Waste Holiday Decor

Low Waste Holiday Decor


Need ideas on how to stay low waste while decorating your home for the holidays? Check out these 6 simple and tasteful decorations you can DIY. 


It’s no doubt decorating the house is a big part of getting into the holiday spirit but we need to consider what we are buying, how long it will last/stay in style, and what happens to the decor when our time with it is done. Holiday decor is dominated by plastic materials which often end up missing the recycling and going to the landfill. We want to offer some strategies on how you can reduce waste while still filling your home with holiday cheer this season.


  • Get Creative - Use what you have
  • Buy second hand 
  • Shop low waste and local


Use What You Have  

Using items you already have in your home allows you to get creative and give something a new life. Not to mention it saves some money too! Take a peek in your recycling bin and dig out those clothes you “have been meaning to get rid of'' and reimagine what they could be. We did just that, by using pantry staples sold here at Fulfill and a few odds and ends to create 6 DIY holiday decor ideas for you to hang in your home.


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Frosted Pinecones: Epsom salt, glue, a paintbrush, and pinecones couldn't be simpler.

Popcorn Garland: A classic that never fails to add a POP of white to your holiday decor.

Dried Oranges: Easier than you think and sure to make your home smell and look good.

Clay Shapes: 3 ingredient air-dry clay that can be cut into your favourite holiday shapes.

Upcycles: A few bonus decor ideas transforming your trash to treasure.

*Most of these decorations can be composted (or eaten) once your ready to get rid of them*


Low Waste decorations

Download all the holiday decoration instructions here!


Buying Second Hand 

Buying second hand is a great way to repurpose previously loved items. I enjoy looking for holiday decor at local thrift shops, you never know what treasures you will find. Another great option for buying second hand is online markets (Craglists, Kijiji, & Facebook Marketplace), you can search for specific items you're on the hunt for. Before I buy new I always like to take the time to explore second hand options as you often find more unique and affordable pieces.

We were super excited to get the string for our DIYs from a local second hand craft store here in Victoria, BC called Thrift/Craft Alternative Art Supply. Definitely worth a stop if you’re in Victoria. 


Shop Low Waste and Local 

Being a conscious consumer is extremely important during the holidays and that goes for decor too. Consider what materials are in the item you are purchasing . Try buying natural materials and ones that can be composted or recycled easily. Shopping locally reduces our impact on the environment (less km driven) and supports our local economy and businesses. 

One last tip is to try trading decorations with your neighbours and loved ones to spruce things up without having to buy something new. Share the love by reposting this to inspire others to think low waste with their holiday decor and don’t forget to send us photos if you get crafty and create some of our DIY holiday decor ideas.