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Food is a common thread across local cultures in Vancouver

Food has a joyful and magical quality. Savouring a steaming bowl of comfort on a chilly, damp evening (luckily Vancouver never has any of those!) instantly makes the world feel like a safer place.  Across cultures, food is a tool to convey love and sharing a meal is key to socializing. Food is much more than simply fuel. It’s an everyday indulgence that brings families together and creates memories. 

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How Consumers Win Convenience and Quality in the Circular Economy

Sustainability through the circular economy is a simple way we can collectively preserve the natural beauty of British Columbia today, and for future generations. Oh, and the best part? It’s easy to get started, affordable to maintain and convenient for our busy lives.

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COVID-19 and Zero Waste

Small businesses have a tough time competing with huge corporations at the best of times, which means that they’re struggling more than ever now. Show them some love! Buy from them if you can (research delivery or curbside pickup options), recommend them to friends, leave glowing online reviews, or buy gift cards to use at a later date.

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