Cold Blaster Elixo - Stone ground tea by DOMO

Cold Blaster Elixo - Stone ground tea by DOMO

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The perfect tea blend for this upcoming winter season!

Elixo is made with organic tea, organic honey crystals and cayenne pepper (great for the sinuses). Elixo also contains Camu Camu, an Amazonian fruit with extraordinarily high levels of all-natural Vitamin C, much more effective and better for you than the synthetic kind found in many similar drinks.

Size: 250 ml jar = 200 g


  • 12 oz cup = 1 tbsp of mix
  • 16 oz cup = 1.5 tbsp of mix
  • 20 oz cup = 2 tbsp of mix

Add in 3 parts hot water and 1 part OJ. Stir and enjoy:) 

Ingredients: honey crystals, natural citrus flavour, stone-ground rooibos tea leaves, ground ginger, camu camu, citric acid, cayenne pepper, natural orange flavour