Instant Yeast for Baking
Instant Yeast for Baking
Instant Yeast for Baking

Instant Yeast for Baking

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Bring on the home baked bread!

Instant baking yeast is a special strain of baker’s yeast, chosen and cultivated for its free flowing form, uniformity, strength and stability. Instant yeast eliminates need for hydration prior to addition to dough system. Ascorbic acid is added to boost loaf volume. Baking yeast is naturally gluten-free.

  • 250 ml = 141 g
  • 750 ml = 519 g


Instant yeast can be used for all types of yeast-raised baked goods including bread, rolls, croissants, pretzels, doughnuts, pizza, and many more. It is especially designed for no time or short time dough containing 0-12% sugar (baker’s percent). It can be used in a bread machine or when mixing by hand.


Add instant yeast directly to dry ingredients. Proofing is not required. The first rise is not required, simply let dough rest for 10 minutes after kneading and shape into loaf.

To proof yeast, add 1 teaspoon sugar and 2 ¼ teaspoon yeast to ¼ cup warm water. If the solution foams and doubles in volume within 10 minutes, the yeast is still active. Instant yeast loses its quick-rise properties when pre-dissolved in water, so discard proofed yeast and use dry yeast from the same package in your recipe.